Wholesale Discount

We offer 2 ways to save with a wholesale discount!  

Option 1: For customers who who purchase occasionally and want a discount on ordering multiple quantities of the same item, please check out the Wholesale Made Easy plan below!

Option 2: Customers who have larger volume purchasing needs and run a boutique shop can apply for a Wholesale Account!  Please read about our Wholesale Partner Program below!

Wholesale Made Easy!

To qualify for our wholesale pricing you do not have to be logged into a wholesale account!

Instead wholesale prices are listed on the description pages of the items.  How do you find this?  Its super easy!  Just follow the directions below!

Step 1:  Simply click on the product you are interested in
Step 2:  Click on  the "Wholesale Pricing" link
Step 3:  Quantity discount breakdown will display.

Wholesale Partner Program

With our exclusive Wholesale Partners Program, you will:

·         Automatically save up to 60% on all regular, published prices when you sign in to our website at www.ShopGCH.com as a Wholesale Account.  (no discount codes needed)

·         Pick the quantities you need – no minimums on individual products!

·         Get early access to new arrivals and pre-orders – with the discount!

·         Special discounts on clearance items

·         Low, flat-rate shipping per order

·         Customer service & support team for your business

It’s easy to sign up for our exclusive Wholesale Partners Program! 
Here’s what you need to get started:

·         Completion of Wholesale Account Registration, and select “Wholesale Account”

·         Provide proof of business ownership – either online or physical location

o   Please include website URL and/or Tax ID # in the Comments Box

·         Minimum spending commitment of $100 per order (but remember – no MOQ’s!)

·         Already have an account with us?

o   Contact us at 417-569-4838 or Support@shopGCH.com to get switched over!

This program will make it even easier for you to get our great products, save money, and get the support you need.  Sign up now and start getting these amazing deals and early access!


·         Contact us at 417-569-4838 or Support@shopGCH.com