Lavender & Pink Fuzzy Tutu Top
Lavender & Pink Fuzzy Tutu Top

Lavender & Pink Fuzzy Tutu Top

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Lavender & Pink Fuzzy Tutu Top
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Fuzzy tutu tops are perfect for making tutu dresses! Just like the classic crochet tutu top, the fuzzy tutu tops have a waffle weave, which is hidden by the fuzzy chiffon fabric. The â€Å“fuzzyâ€Â fabric gives more coverage to the older girls or simply to reduce the showing of skin. The Two-Tone fuzzy tutu tops are super cute for making princess inspired tutu dresses, as they give the royalty corset look. Want to make them look even more like a princess? Weave ribbon through the center for an extra POP!

Fuzzy Tutu Top Sizing Guide


• 6” x 6” to 6 ¾” x 6 ½”

                       ·         Fits 0-24 months


·                                   8” x 8” to 8” x 9”

• Fits 2T to 6T

Small with Straps:

• 6” x 6” to 6” x 6 ½”

• Fits 0-24 months

Large with Straps:

• 8” x 8” to 9” x 9”

• Fits 2T to 6T

* Sizes may vary

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