When do you start thinking about Halloween costumes for your kids? If you're like me, the idea to start planning for Halloween pops into your head around the beginning of August, and then you forget about it until October. Enter the scrambling around for a reasonably priced, child appropriate costume. Or you could DIY.

When I think of DIY costumes, I think of the jet pack made from 2 liter bottles, or a cute homemade Dorothy costume. I don't have the time, or the skill, to make anything like that. Here's where Girls Clothing Hut comes to the rescue. Add color coordinating tops and bottoms to any of the Super Hero Capes for a quick and easy costume for your kiddo. You can also pair a cape with coordinating Tutus & Tutu Tops if you have a daughter who wants something girly.

Here are a few ideas of how to use the Super Hero Capes, Tutus, and Tutu Tops to make some adorable Halloween costumes that are quick, easy, and affordable.

Rainbow Dash Costume       Wonder Woman Costume

LEFT - If your girl loves My Little Pony, GCH has several character capes to choose from. Just add a coordinating Tutu and Tutu top to her favorite, and she's all set! (Pictured - Rainbow Dash Cape & Mask Set, Lime Fuzzy Tutu Top, and Rainbow Tutu)

RIGHT - Add a Tutu and Tutu Top to any of GCH's Marvel or DC themed hero capes, and she'll be ready to take on all the super villains! (Pictured - Wonder Woman Cape & Mask Set, Red Crochet Tutu Top, and Royal Tutu)

Franken Monster Costume     Minnie Costume

LEFT - The Lime Tutu and Lime Fuzzy Tutu Top are the base to an adorable Frankenstein Monster costume. Make the hair and facial features out of craft felt and hot glue onto the top. Or, for something more temporary, duct tape works just fine!

RIGHT - The Red & White Dot Tutu is the perfect addition to a Minnie Mouse costume! Other items you will need - a black top, pants or leggings, ears, and bow. (Check out these additional items GCH has for her costume - Black Ruffle Icing Shirt, Black Pants, Black Ruffle Pants)

These are just a few of the many costumes you can make with GCH Super Hero Capes, Tutus, and Tutu Tops. For more ideas, visit the GCH Pinterest page. We hope you and your kiddos have a fun and safe Halloween!

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